This is my second book in my journey of being a young author. I wrote this short story when I was 11 years old and it is about a young boy called Elliot who is in hospital.


He reads books to get away from the boring hospital ward. The book is beautifully printed on high quality uncoated paper and perfect bound with a heavyweight uncoated board cover. It has 72 pages and is printed on buff coloured paper making it easier to read.


The book is aimed at 7 years and older, but is also suitable as a bedtime story for younger children.


Here is a little snippet from one of the pages of my book


"Each time he read these books, they transported him away from his hospital bed and into magical worlds dominated by brain-eating zombies and poisonous plants. Some of the magical worlds were taken over by villains and some worlds saved by superheroes.These books weren’t just pages with words on them to Elliot, they were portals to desolate islands and stormy seas where shipwrecks lay beneath the waves. In these pages, Elliot could be whoever he wanted to be and have the life he wished to have."



Elliot's Wings